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A product that inspires ‘to revive’

If you go to traditional Malay weddings, you will always see a plastic or metal teapot placed on a circular base on the table. The name is The Washing Pot or Kendi Air and It is to wash our hands just before devouring the food. For a long time, the product has not been changed or re-design but not anymore. We are calling it Sayong - Inspired by the traditional water container, Labu Sayung. It is handmade so every sayong will not be identical to one another.

1. Seamless design that flows from one section to another. When assembled, it will look like a Labu Sayung!
2. Can hold about 400ml of water.
3. A small sifter that has a beautiful floral design.

Measurements / Size: Roughly 24cm(H) x 15cm(D)
Materials: Ceramic

Delivery location: KL & PJ only (Hand delivered)

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