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Geometric Coasters

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Design Inspirations:
Cuvira - Blooming pattern taken from the interior details of a mosque’s dome.
Mayasa - A geometric take on cell division, meiosis.
Loseta - Beautiful European tiles called ‘Loseta’ in Spanish.
Kaledo - Symmetrical Kaleidoscopic pattern and Kumiko ornament.

About Diatom
Diatomceous earth is naturally occurring sand extracted from the earth. It is made from fossilized remains of microscopic algae known as Diatom and largely made out of silica compounds.
1. Biodegradable - It is made out of the earth and does not harm the environment.
2. Water Absorbent - It absorbs water and will evaporate moisture.
3. Heat Insulator - Your pot can go from the stove and straight onto this material.
4. Anti Bacterial - Since there is no moisture, it is not a suitable environment for bacteria!
1. Not stain proof - Diatom is great at absorbing ANY liquid, so it will absorb your coffee, sirap, kicap etc. So, be careful if you want to keep it clean.
2. Do not submerge - Prolonged water submersion will reduce its ability to absorb moisture in the long run.

Colours: Dark Grey, Light Grey
* Product’s colour may slightly vary from the pictures. 
LxWxH Measurements: 
Ranging from 85 to 95 (L) x 85 (W) x 9mm (H)
* Please allow 1-5mm difference due to fabrication limitations.

Included in a set: 
1. A set of 4 coasters
2. A complimentary standee

Care Instructions:
1. Daily, let dry and best to use the standee after usage. Do not put it in the dishwasher and do not submerge in water.
2. Even though this product is strong, they can still chip, crack or break. Please handle it with care.
3. Diatom is not stain proof. But if accidents happen like food or coloured drink spill, immediately clean the surface by hand under running water and let it dry.
4. When this product is not perfect to be a coaster or trivet anymore, sand using sanding paper, place in a tea or herb filter pouch (or anything similar) and place in wardrobe, shoe rack, etc to be repurposed as a dehumidification and deodorant agent. 

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