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Local-Eyes Board Game

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Local-eyes is an all-things Malaysia board game for children to enjoy! It incites an explorative attitude towards Malaysians and wanting to experience more about this beautiful country. Like other Fabbguds products, this board game was also designed to be more waste conscious - it utilizes both sides of the board and cards, and the markers are made out of recycled plastic!

There are two sides to the board game:

  • Game 1 is a searching game for children to identify Malaysian things through their sharp eyes while they learn about their names. Suitable for children above 3 years old. 
  • Game 2 is a map-based quiz for children to know more about Malaysian things and test their knowledge. By the end of the game, they will be localized! Suitable for children above 7 years old.

The Benefits

  • Concentration - Improve observation and concentration skills by searching for specific objects while focusing on the details such as colour, shape, pattern etc. 
  • Reactivity - Improve hand-eye coordination and the induction of speed by placing the markers as quickly as possible when icons are found. 
  • Confidence - Successfully identifying and locating objects gives a sense of achievement and encourages social skills by engaging with friends and family.
  • Vocabulary - Learn new things and terms that cultivate memory senses while expanding their vocabulary and general knowledge.
  • Patriotism - Increase that patriotic spirit by learning the diverse culture of Malaysia, and what makes each state so special. 

LxWxH Measurements: 270 (L) x 270 (W) x 40mm (H)

Included in a box:

  1. A board Game with 2 sides
  2. A deck of 60 Cards
  3. 3 Markers
  4. 1-minute Hourglass Timer

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